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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dakota :

Dakota is a 15 year old, 15.1 Hand Quarter Horse Gelding. Trained for English riding and jumping. He started his jumping career only 4 years ago, and excelled immediately. He has been top of his classes at most open shows, and just about every show he has ever entered. He is easy to keep, easy to ride, easy to deal with. Stands for vet, farrier, grooming, bathing, and has NO vices. Sweet temperament, and always happy to be brought in for attention. Sound, Healthy, and super easy going. Great for any good beginner-intermediate rider, and great for an advanced rider looking to have an easy show horse. Jumps about 2'6" competitively. Does Training level dressage, showmanship, Halter, and English Equitation/Pleasure.

MIHA Holland Western Saddle Club Show Grounds, Holland Christian's Equestrian Team, Natalie Teune showing Dakota... 1st and 2nd's all three Meets!

Dressage show at Battle Creek Hunt Club May 2008 GlassED sanctioned. 1st of 4 in Training Level test 4
Derbyshire Farms USEA 2 day Horse Trials, June 2008. 3rd of 15 in Beginner Novice Class for his first Horse Trials ever!
Warm up, walk, trot, Canter both directions.
Jumping figure 8 cross rail fence for warmup at a trot. Great for lesson kids, or young riders to get to know him before cantering jumps.
Jumping at a canter on Grass field without Shoes.... We require shoes for any other footing to get the most of his potential, and for protection. Figure 8 on the same fence. Set at about 2'3".
Showmanship, leading without lead. Sets up, walks, trots, backs, VERY attentive to body motion. Pivots fairly well, may need a little work if you wanted to pursue Showmanship at any higher level. Judges love him!

Asking price $5000
Lease price $300 per month with restrictions, contract, check ups, and referrals necessary.
www.awakenedimages.com . David & Cara Williams . awakenedimages@yahoo.com

Monday, October 1, 2007

Windemuller Engagement

Congratulations Jeremy and Anita! We saw your engagement photo in the Holland Sentinel today.... It's the best one in there! (but I suppose we are partial to our own photography!) This beautiful couple is getting married at Niekerk CRC in Holland, MI this August! We are so excited for you two! We hope for great weather, and hope that your love can only grow from now 'til death do us part'

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dazzelyn Star

Asking $12,000 Or Best Offer
Here is Dazzelyn. She is 6 years old, sired by Titan (the Belgian Warmblood/Holsteiner) Dazz is 16.2 hh, bay with facial markings and one small coronary band of white. She is a bit dappled in the summertime. I have been doing intro/training level dressage with her, and she did one GlassED show last spring. I have a baby now, and can't use her to the extent of her performance. She's a great athlete, and is currently learning her lateral work. I've tried to show some of her leg yeild, and shoulder in work on the video and in the photos. She has great cadence, and has a great stride. Her over reach can go up to 8" at the walk, and about 6" at the trot. Her ground manners are alright, but not perfect. She's a big pet really. Almost too friendly. She's scared of the vet, but stands for the farrier, crossties, trailers, and is learning to deal with the clippers. She cannot be bred, due to an overbite/parrot mouth condition that neither of her parents had, but is somehow transferred genetically. ??? the dental work I had done when she was young corrected it, but it's still genetic. It has never been a problem for eating or riding. I've started jumps with her, but didn't know if her legs are ready, so we've been very slow to that learning. She's an easy keeper, and I'll miss her when she goes. I have a rembrandt dressage saddle that fits her great that I can sell with her for $1000, or $1200 seperate from her.

E-mail me with questions. carasequineservices@yahoo.com

Serious inquires only please.

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Photography Charity
Here is where you can find photos from any charity event we do. The event may not be a charity, but our time there as photographers is our way of participating for charity in our community.

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