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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sweet Baby Cadence

Our sweet little girl arrived at 11:37pm Tuesday, November 15th. Zeke and Lex adore her, and so far, she is absolutely perfect. Sleeping well, eating well, and adjusting well to this cold world she entered. :) Here is a glimpse of our miracle.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Halloween Cuties

I love my little boys!

I really am not a fan of halloween and normally am not the kind of mom to plan it out, and have costumes and actually take them out... I'm more the kind that would like them to hand out the candy and learn about the sharing aspect of giving candy AWAY.... but, I was shopping that day and found these costumes on clearance and splurged...

Hey, I can use them next year as hand-me-downs if necessary, eh? :) Well, Zeke was THRILLED to be Woody, his favorite movie character... and Lex, well, he doesn't really know what he was... but had fun playing in the leaves from house to house in Zeeland. We went to about 12 houses and called it plenty :)
Just had to share my Halloween cuties!!!
I thought I better change the blogpost since it will be the last before we get to announce baby Cadence's arrival.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christian & Lindy : Engagement

Well, what a beautiful day and couple to get to have this engagement session shot at. Lindy and Christian came up from Chicago for their session on our one free weekend.... the downside : David had his wisedom teeth out the day before and was KNOCKED OUT on pain killers.... So, thanks to our second shooter, Elyse, the show could still go on :) It's kinda fun to see what David and I are capable of on our own. David always surprizes me with his collections when I'm not there, and I had the opportunity to do the same this time. Thanks Christian and Lindy! Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Brent & Amanda : Wedding

The 22nd of October ended up being the one beautiful day in between all the rain and wind we had here in West Michigan. The color in the leaves was beautiful, and Brent and Amanda were thrilled the weather was even half this nice for their big day. Everything ran smooth and beautifully all day long, and it was a great ceremony to witness. Their beautiful little girl joined them at the end of their ceremony as they were announced husband and wife, and she was the best behaved and calmest 10 month old I've ever met! My boys need to get some advice to self-soothing from her!!! LOL! Enjoy the teasers for Brent and Amanda!

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bob & Elyse : Engagement

Wooo hoooo!!! I've been sooooo excited for this post. This is a couple that is very special to us. First of all, this is my baby sister. Second, many of you may have seen Elyse with us, as she is our trusted second shooter at many receptions and some weddings. Bob and Elyse will be exchanging their vows in the Spring of 2012 and David and I are priviledged to be their photographers, and also part of their bridal party!!! (Yes, we are still trying to work that out)

Bob and Elyse have dated since High School, and it's soooooo cool to see her marrying her high school sweet heart. They are such a fun couple, and of course, 'goofy' always seems to run in our family, so what would an engagement session be without some goofy shots!!!?? LOL! Enjoy the teasers for Bob and Elyse!!! Luv ya guys!

Isn't she just gorgeous!!!!???

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Levi : 5 Years old

Levi and I were able to spend some time chatting about kindergarten and movies during his 5 year old session. His mom took my 2 boys, and her 2 others and sent Levi with me to document his cuteness at 5 years old. Levi did great! We had a great time around their home and surrounding area. Here are a couple teasers of this handsome little man!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Keegan : 6 Months

Keegan is such a beautiful baby, I just want to hug him! I can't wait to continue watching him grow, as we are honored to get to do 2 more photoshoots with him as part of his 'Forget-me-not' package. It's great seeing the whole family for a few shots too, since we get to see his big brother growing as well! Enjoy this lovable little man!