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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kaylin & Bryan: Engagement

Saturday morning we were able to get good Michigan weather to get Kaylin and Bryan's Engagement session. Kaylin and Bryan were AWESOME to work with! They are SO cute together, and we are totally pumped to do their wedding next July! They took us to Laketown beach, in the cold :) This beach is where Bryan popped the big question! How cute?! Thanks for freezing out there with us! Here's some teasers... I'll have the rest on our website soon!

This adorable pair will be Wed on July 18, 2009 in Holland, MI

Christmas Tree shopping

Another Fun Traditional family event. Every year we go Christmas Tree shopping as a family... It started with ALL the Koops side, and now was just us and Pratts. In the past, we would mark our favorite trees with a glove or scarf, but didn't always find those items back in the maze of identical Christmas Trees. After all our winter clothing went M.I.A. we started using sticks and landmarks :) Smart. Here are some fun shots of our family interaction. I'll narrate the photos as you see them :)
Whose doing the real work here? he he

Cameron learning the lumberjack tradeskill
A little Zeke Sized tree
Elyse's Detail shots from the day... Looks like we have photography competition in our family!

The Williams Christmas Tree, and my superman :)

My dad, the lumber jack

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was at the Pratts again this year. Always a great time and a great meal! My Uncle has the best touch with delicious food, and their house is a wonderfully welcoming warm home. The meal was wonderful and the company to die for. My family is the coolest. For being "extended" family, I get to see them alot. Almost every weekend in the summer, and more then once a month during the colder months, usually. My Grandparents are too young for their age :) They are so much fun and give great wise advice. I'm thankful for this:
My family, and the love and care they emit to all those around them.
My husband and Baby boy Zeke, whom without, I would be lost.
And for every blessing down to the air we breath and the country we live in.
God has been good. As the pastor said in Church this morning, God never promised us condos in Florida and a summer car. He promised to take care of us. He has done that well. We have more then he ever promised. "To GOD be the Glory, for the things he hath done"
Here are Picts of our Thanksgiving... and little Zeke's first!
Little Sieben Trying to sleep with a crowded house :)
Ezekiel with Great Grandma Koops
Cousin Sarah, doing.... I'm not sure what to Zeke.
Ashley and Steve Getting their photo taken... by more then my mom :)
The group at Pratts enjoying another AWESOME meal!
Grandpa Koops showing off his new toy! Picts of a 1985 Mercedes!!! Awesome buy Gramps!
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Snow baby

Here is my cute little boy... about 11 months old already! For any one wondering about therapy for him.... It's going great! He can almost eat foods like cheerios, and puffs... He had a bad gagging reflex and couldn't swallow textured foods, but now he is doing much better! Praise the Lord! Here are some recent photos. We haven't had a photo shoot in about 2 weeks and are going crazy! The one this weekend should be a lot of fun after we've been creativity deprived. Zeke likes the snow, an watches it though the windows, or outside.... He doesn't seem to get cold too quick or anything. I guess he can't when he's so bundled up!

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Job: Farrier

For those of you who do not know what a farrier is, or what they do, these photos will help illustrate my job. David was available to follow me to a few jobs one Friday, and got some great shots of me at work.

Then on Sunday, we watched Zeke watch the snow blow in. He thought it was pretty cool :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Champion Gymnastics Team Photos

We were given the privaledge to photograph about 50 gymnasts at Champion Gymnastics in Holland, MI. Here are a few that I have processed. David and I were a little worried about this shoot because neither of us know how to pose the unbelievably flexible gymnast. We were glad to know that the girls had been practicing their poses long before we got there :) Other then our cameras being shaken on the bouncy spring floor, the shoot went great! Check it out on our website in a few weeks.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Emmons Family

We had the privaledge of going to Greenville, MI for a family photo shoot this past Sunday afternoon. This is the family of Tim and Heather, who we recently did their "couples photo" with the photogenic dog Lexi. The youngest, and most adorable little Andrew was a happy guy, and his brother and sister, Keagan and Kennedy kept us on our toes :) Here are some teasers for this beautiful family with 4 generations around to watch the others grow.

The beautiful family these two are so proud to have :)

My all time favorite family photo so far! What a perfect, CUTE family!!!!

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Amy & Ryan : Engagement

This adorable pair met us at Cenntinial Park, Downtown Holland, and we were able to capture some gorgeous moments in the bright yellow fall leaves! We had a great time looking for photo spots around the main street.
They took their overly friendly young pup, and he did great! Such a patient dog! Thanks guys!

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