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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wacky Williams : Rooted

My inspiration for Wacky Williams comes from little tidbits and pieces from anything I see or hear.... 

Recently, our pastor talked about how our weekly diet of church just won't be enough for our faith to grow... we need to invest daily into being ROOTED IN THE BIBLE.  This image popped into my head, so we shot it that afternoon.   I think I'll get this framed in my house to remember to always invest in some Bible time every day... it really DOES make a difference!  It's the manual to the human life... The glimpses of Hope God gives us when things feel heavy.... The double-edge sword that keeps us in line.... The comfort that God is a loving a Good good father... The reminder that when things are discouraging or rough, that there is another player in the spiritual warfare (Satan) who can be blamed...   Check it out sometime.... daily!!!  :)   Enjoy!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ridge Point Father Daughter Dance 2016

What a blast!  Daddy's and Daughters investing in time valuing each other.... I'm not sure how many years I've photographed this event, but it's probably year 5 or 6, and it's always such a great experience!  This year, I had a young assistant help out... (Thanks Megan!) It's always a rush to get as many couples photographed in 1 short hour... I'm always amazed how God can either stretch time, or make me shoot faster.... (Hey, He did make the sun stand still once, so this certainly isn't outside His limits!)  I think we were able to do just over 100 couples in that hour.... that's like 30 seconds a couple!    Check out all the photos and download to print them HERE!

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Keath : Kiddos

Here's just a few of the many pictures of these beauties!!!!  I met this family (mom) before our marriage days, while at horse competitions... Then, fast forward 10+ years, and I've watched them get married and have 3 kiddos!  Here they are! Their mom dresses them OH SO CUTE to match, and they make a forever long drive with children to come to the sessions at my studio.... Wow.  Thanks guys!  Your family is BEAUTIFUL!  

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wacky Williams : House flippers

We are ALMOST done with this house!  It's been a fun, trying, exciting, exhausting, yet totally enjoyable opportunity to work on this wonderful house in our neighborhood.   We are very excited to list it, and get some great new neighbors, and a (hopefully good) return on our investment.    We thought this would be a funny idea to do with the kids, since they've been as active in helping with the completion of the home.  The boys did a lot of cleanup and helped install electrical outlets, paint, and build fun things from the scrap wood of course :)  Cade swept and vacuumed, and loved learning the nail gun.  All the kids were so fun and encouraging!  They'd see something new and marvel over it and tell us how great it was!  What sweet hearts!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wacky Williams : LOVE

I love that with age, we can try new Wacky Williams stuff!  Our kids did great even though they didn't know what we were asking them to do.   

Love is an amazing thing.... and what's sad is that most people don't actually know what is...  Our culture has made the word 'Love' describe a feeling.... it's a VERB!  

Spelled out in 1 Corinthians 13.  Love is so much more then a feeling.  Love is a choice, that we can promise to offer unconditionally, or we can put limits on.   Make the choice, and keep the promise to LOVE.  

Happy Valentine's Day!  

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Jager Bunch

Meet the Jager bunch!  Here's a fun group that, similar to the Brady Bunch, will be joining families this May.  I gotta say, this family impresses me more and more as I get to know them.  For years, I've 'known' them as the 'volunteers' at church who watch my kid's class... then I became a volunteer, and as I spent 2-3 years as a children's leader, I got burnt out, and they kept serving.... THEN, I go to serve dinner to a sister church that our church is planting in a poverty stricken area, and they are there serving, and have been for YEARS! 
 Just wait... It gets better... They will have 7 kids between them after they wed.... BUT, there's more their house can hold!  They have invited grandma to stay with them too.... (still building....) AND.... This father is also a volunteer fire and rescue worker, who, during one of our our 3 degree Michigan winter days, went swimming in a frozen pond, in order to train for rescuing victims that have fallen through the ICE!!!  

Ok, is it just me, or can the rest of you see that these folks have a heart bigger then the majority of the rest of us?!?!  
I seriously have to re-evaluate how I spend my time, for the greater good of God's kingdom.... I don't care what you say, I'll never be able to top that.   Enjoy the JAGER BUNCH teasers!

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Pippa : Miracle

What a little peanut!  Pippa (nicknamed Pippsqueak) was such a little lady!  Just like our family, she is the only sis among 2 older brothers, both which I was privileged to photograph as infants!  I've found some photos from archive of the older brothers infant photos a few years back.... I'd say Pippa looks a lot like Wylen (maybe it's just the hair!)  I was amazed at Pippa and her session... I've never done an infant session in as short a time as I did hers!  She was amazed!  She slept the whole time!  Enjoy her teasers!  It was wonderful to see this family again and see their beautiful babies growing up!

Oliver 2011 as an Infant:

 Wylen 2013 as an Infant

Pippa 7 days old :)

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Pike : Miracle

Sweet Baby Pike!  This little guy is the first born to a pastor and his wife from our church.  (It's a big church, so there are several pastors there).  He has been prayed for, waited for and adored, and he's only 7 days old.   I love the time I get to talk with parents during these sessions, and hear their stories, and their backgrounds, their goals, and desires,.... especially for their children.  Their attitude towards welcoming little Pike is astounding.  They are ready to sacrifice their goals, and dreams for this little one.  I remember his momma saying, 'We just can't stop staring at him!' SOOOOO true!  I remember studying my babies eyelashes, fingernails, lips, and just it never being enough.  What a miracle God brings to us every day, like the birth of a baby, and we look over it as though it's ordinary.  Pike's daddy mentioned something to me about, 'We've waited so long, to NOT be able to have a date night again', while knowing what a baby might cost them.  It got me thinking about my own attitude of parenting... I need to think more like that.  Children are gifts, and the mess they bring is just what God wants us to enjoy, not cringe and complain about.  SO, after my tangent, enjoy a few teasers of little baby Pike!

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