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Monday, October 31, 2011

Cam : Senior

This is Cameron. He is my super talented, overly confident, awesome and favorite cousin :) LOL! Cam is great! His idea for his senior photo session was visioned much different then we typically shoot, but it was so much fun for a change to just go out and be fun and goofy! We LOVED it!
Cam is an amazing actor at Zeeland East, he's great with technology, and the comic relief of all our family gatherings. It's great to have gotten to watch him grow up, from the first time I held him as a baby, to getting his first girlfriend and car :) We are sure to see great things from Cam as he picks a college and heads in the world at a run.... Luv ya cuz!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Derek & Ginelle : Wedding

Derek & Ginelle had a beautiful, chilly, fall wedding. The color on the trees was in it's peak, and the bride and groom were looking snazzy! :) Derek and Ginelle are from Colorado currently, even though Ginelle grew up only a block from our farmhouse! Ginelle is a distant relative to me through my Great Grandpa, and her Grandma. It was great to see some of the family that I recognized there. Ginelle's Dad had a sweet vintage car that brought the Derek and Ginelle to their reception, and I'm soooooo glad it was there, because we got one of the coolest shots with them and car.... you're sure to see it in our portfolio collection soon :) Thanks again, and Congrats to Derek & Ginelle!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just Waiting : Cadence

So, I've had down to do a small maternity session for this little one we are expecting in 4-5 weeks, and it just keeps getting pushed off... well, I finally got it done.... I had 2 visions for the session....I wanted my little boys in it, and I wanted it to be very short. :) Well, because I had the boys in it, short was the only way it could go :) Zeke is almost 4 years old already (WOW how the time flew!!!) and Lex is 19 months old.... Here are some fun ones from our session that lasted.... oh, about 3 minutes. LOL!
David wished he could have been in some, but we couldn't really trust Zeke with the big camera... plus, he didn't want to put down the kitty to hold the camera... oh well... that's life where we are at :)
Gotta LOVE it! Enjoy!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Andy & Stephanie : Engagement

Andy and Stephanie were amazing to work with for their engagement session! First of all, they came from Ohio for the one weekend that we had a small availability for their session, and second, it was that wonderful SUPER windy saturday that we had hoped to get them in! Being that the high winds would have caused the session to end poorly, we decided to reschedule. So, with a lot of hasty last minute changes on both our schedules, we decided to try for the rainy forecast of the Sunday morning following the high winds.... It didn't look promising when that time came around, and yet the sun decided to show, and the lighting was GORGEOUS! Stephanie and Andy met at Calvin College here in Grand Rapids, and it was great talking with them, because David and Andy had their jobs in common, and Stephanie works in Social work, which fascinates me in how helpful that position can be. Without further blabbering.... Enjoy Andy and Stephanie. Congrats on your engagement! We can't wait for June to see you united in marriage!!!

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Christmas Holiday Cards!

It's Christmas card time again! What better way to send some love then with a memory from 2011! Using a session you had in 2011 with Awakened Images Photography, we can make you a beautiful Holiday Greeting of the highest quality. Our cards are fun and modern, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, or styles. E-mail for more info. awakenedimages@yahoo.com

All come with envelopes.

Several Sizes/Styles to pick from... Popular choices listed below.

5x5 Folded $70 per 25

5x5 Flat $50 per 25

5x7 Folded $70 per 25

5x7 Flat $50 per 25

4x5.5 Folded $70 per 25

4x5.5 Flat $50 per 25

** 5x5 Flat or 5x7 Flat can use the boutique cut cards....They are beautifully unique! (scalloped edges, circle, ... basically anything that isn't a rectangle or square...) Cost is $70 per set of 25 of Boutique cut cards.


Come with envelopes to fit the proper size card.

Please inquire within to use your already shot session. We are fully booked for the Fall and Holiday season.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tony & Holly : Wedding

It was a warm one for a beautiful Fall wedding in Michigan. Typically, we invite rain, wind and cold in October, but were blessed with 80 degrees and sunny!!! Tony and Holly's wedding ran smoothly, and everyone was super excited and happy for the bride and groom. It was a beautiful church, and was a pleasure to shoot at a new location :) Here are a few teasers of their special day!

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Bryan & Rachel : Wedding

Can you believe this October wedding had an 80 degree day!? What a beautiful day for a beautiful wedding. This wedding was one we were looking forward to, for the challenge of their family formals. Both Rachel is 1 of 10 kids (most of them married), and had 21 nieces and nephews! It went great though, and we had a great time doing most photos outside. Enjoy some teasers of this beautiful wedding!

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