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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Borntrager : Family Love

Henry is the such a smiley baby, we would have had to work to get him to stop smiling at the camera! He is the first son of our past wedding clients from 2009. They drove to downtown Holland for a 1 year / family session. Thanks guys! Enjoy a few teasers of Henry and his family. Happy Birthday Henry!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kyle & Heather : Wedding

Kyle & Heather's wedding day went perfectly. The weather was comfortable, yet it rained just enough to make it smell like spring. The bride was gorgeous, and the bridal party was a blast! It was such a blessing to see such a strong love between Heather and Kyle.... example : at most weddings, when the guests 'ting' the glasses at the reception, the bride and groom kinda roll their eyes as they are interrupted from their meal to display a kiss.... this bride and groom would have a huge smile on their faces as they ran through their guests to find each other and share a kiss.
All day, Kyle treated Heather like royalty, and tended to her every need and request without hesitation. They were the sweetest couple in love EVER!!! Enjoy your teasers! We can't wait to show you your entire collection!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Jason & Jennifer : Engaged

Jason & Jenn found us through a client, of a client of a friend whose wedding we did in 2009!

We were watching the weather all day, because there was a really good chance of rain exactly at the time of their session... We were lucky to miss the rain, and were given the very rare, and super cool opportunity to shoot through a chilling, dense fog! It was sunny everywhere except at the beach where the fog rolled in off the lake, and dropped the temp over 20 degrees on the Holland State Park Beach.

We still had loads of fun, freezing our butts off, and putting this couple through all the walking, random stops, and mind changes David and I often do during any of our sessions! Here's a couple of our favorites, with many more to view in a few days ;)

Thanks guys! Enjoy your teasers!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tulip Time 2011

Last week, our city celebrated it's annual Tulip Time Festival. At one time, I believe Tulip time was the 3rd largest flower festival in the Nation. Hundreds of thousands of Tulips bloom down 16 miles of city streets, while clusters can be found in all the area parks, and attractions. This year was especially beautiful because all the trees bloomed at the same time since our spring has been delayed.

The Klompen Dancers dance each evening, and there is wonderful fatty foods available everywhere down town :) Because of the traffic, most locals are annoyed that most roads are blocked off and pedestrian tourists cross roads anywhere and everywhere. I think many forget to be appreciative... This is a great opportunity to boost West Michigan's economy and attract people to Holland.

I was a dancer as well, so I had to come into town each night. For my boys, we dressed them up (a week later) and went to get photos in the park. All the hustle and bustle is done and we had the park to ourselves ;) Worked well, since they are terribly antsy, and strong willed to run in any direction AWAY from the camera... oh well, here are a few fun shots of my 2 little dutch boys :)

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Nate & Kristin : Engaged!

Nate & Kristin are one of those fun, smiley kind of couples, and it was so much fun setting them up for a shot and them bursting into fits of giggles! We really got a bunch of images that shows the world the wonderful relationship they share. . . . My 2 favorites don't have them smiling, but I love the images so much, I'll post them even if it's not 'them' :)

We traveled to St. Josesph, MI for their session. It is the town they live and were raised, and it has a super cute downtown and private beach that they took us to.

Enjoy the teasers for Nate & Kristin!

My 2 Favorites...

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Conrad : Family Love

The Conrad family traveled in from Muskegon for a downtown Holland Family photo session. We had a great time trying to keep warm with their 3 adorable kiddos, Brayten, Cullin, and Molly. I didn't want to give away my favorites in this post, but I can't help but letting some of those favorites make the blog :) The kiddos were all real troopers as our fingers froze, and all our tummys were rumbling. I still have yet to get a photoshoot with my 2 boys that goes as well as just about any other photoshoot we've ever done! :) LOL! Thanks guys! Enjoy!

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Ross & Sarah : Engaged!

Ross & Sarah were AWESOME to work with! I swear, they knew the poses, where to stand, where to look and how to interact with each other in front of a photographer! The coolest story about their engagement session is that we ended up right in the same park where Ross gave Sarah her Pearl several years ago, and proposed last year... awwwwwww..... We had a gorgeous day for a photoshoot, and it felt great to get to walk the streets of downtown Holland before the big Tulip Time rush settles into town next week. Enjoy a few teasers of the perfect couple, whose wedding we are super excited for this July!!! Thanks guys! We had a blast!!

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