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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brody & Sarah : Engagement

Sarah & Brody were a ton of FUN! They were too much 'OUR' style of the rustic loving kind that we spent about 2 hours in the cold going to a bunch of fun locations that would include that style of shooting! They will be wed in May, 2010 in a gorgeous blooming Cherry Orchard! Can't wait!!!
Here are a few of my favorites!

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Photography as an Art

The appreciation for Art is ALWAYS opinion based. Yes, there are factors into art making it appealing or disapproving, and there can be rules to follow to make art fall more generally into the appealing catagory. Art is also an emotion. Fine Art should stir up some type of emotional response to effectively be called Fine Art. In photography, art isn't necessarily made, it is found, and froze.

Today, 2010, there are millions of photographer's worldwide, who claim to be 'professional photographers'. They claim to be make fine art. Can they all be claiming truthfully? I believe yes, they can. Because art is an opinion by the on-looker, each may be affected by a photographer in a different way. Each photographer relays a style, which emotionally can affect some, but not others. We fall into this category along with the rest. Although we do the best we can with our God given talent, we fall short in the opinions of some, while emotionally dazzle others.

My reason for this post, is mostly to claim that although many photographer's claim to be professional, your emotional response will not be generated by them all. As a business, David and I have struggled seeing some call themselves professionals and 'lowering' the standards for photography. But I see now, that we are wrong to struggle with this. As we had to begin somewhere, so do all photographers. Without the chances you, our clients and friends, have given us, we could not be using our gifts for our community, as our gifts would have never had the chance to develop.

This may be the pregnancy emotions moving me to write something of belief and meaning, or maybe a call from God, as I don't usually write just a blog post. And since a blog post just isn't what it is without a photo, I thought I'd show one from the most recent shoot, (the daddy daughter dance) that we 'found', 'froze', and now have turned into OUR OPINION of Fine Art. Thanks for reading. God bless!

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ridge Point Father Daughter Dance

The Ridge Point Father Daughter Dance went GREAT! David and I were allowed to use a little more of what we wanted for 'our style', and we came home super impressed with the results. We both looked at each other after looking at the photos, and said, 'Wow! These look like they were taken by professionals!' (LOL) Probably not what you'd want your photographer to be saying, eh? Well, because it was our contribution to 'charity', all the photos will be giving permissions to be used by the subjects. Everyone there was given a card with a link to their photos, but we wanted to display a couple for fun... so here they are!

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Williams Family Mini-Shoot

To complete my mom's photo memory wall, we needed a new family photo... just until Lex is born and we can get her a 'real' family photo.... so, we went out in the snow to get a mini session of our family.... Here are a couple of my favorites... :) Well, we're off to the Ridge Point Father-Daughter dance.... Going to be the photogs there :)

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jeff & Debbi : Engagement

Jeff & Debbi decided to brave the cold weather, and do their engagement session in the snow... It was TOTALLY cold! They did great though! They also let us experiment with our new pocket wizards in the studio, and the second photo is the result of our fun :) Here are some teasers while I work on getting the rest online. Thanks!

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Friday, February 5, 2010

My little monster!

Zeke has hit his TERRIBLE 2's!!! He is realizing he's big enough to start doing things by himself, and ends up making a disaster out of everything he touches! I caught him climbing in and out of Lex's crib.... bad news! Hopefully we stop this before there's a baby in it! As angry as I get, it was pretty cute. I had to snatch a memory... you know, black mail for his graduation slideshow in 16 years!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Play day!

Today, my mom, me and Zeke went to the Grandville mall for some play time. At my mom's place, I found everything coated in a beautiful crystalized snow! It was gorgeous!
At the mall, we rode the carousel, and the escalator. We ate at the food court, and ended the ride home with a nice snooze..... I hope Zeke remembers all this!!!!

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