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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tip-Toe through our Tulips!!!

Tulip Time is here!

(Again)... May 3-10, 2008

tours. traffic. tourists. flowers. parades.

If you are from Holland, MI, you are probably dreading the 3rd largest flower festival and activities. The town shuts down from most 'normal' events, and puts it's efforts towards entertaining the tourists. 3 parades, hundreds of vendors, and the area tv stations finally acknowledge our little settlement. Our windmill is remembered, and tulips pop up EVERYWHERE, residents realize the history behind the festival. Come visit sometime, if you would like to make this small town a bit more crowded, and see the Dutch re-enact their heritage and rituals.


Brayden SmithAshley and Steve
An Elephant Ear with Bavarian Cream.... Yummmmm......

Me in my "wealthy Dutch man's" Costume

Brayden with his Daddy, watching Mommy Dutch dance

My 4 month old, Ezekiel

Don't pick the Tulip Ezekiel! Mom doesn't want a $500 fine :)

High School Dutch Dancer watching the Alumni with her pet The youngest Dutch Boy in his Volendom Costume "Hunter"

Smith Family watching "mom" dutch dance.