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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pony Club Rally: Stadium Jumping

Dave and I were invited to the Pony Club Mega Rally at Albion College this past weekend. Conditions were great for shooting, and days were incredibly short compared to other horse show shoots. Pony club is an organization to help anyone under 18 years of age learn care of horses, and most styles of English Riding. The parents are not allowed to help the kids and are not allowed in the barn. This leaves 8 year olds with the full responsibility for their ponies and tack. Parents get a barn tour nearing the end of the weekend. Jennifer Merrick-Brooks (the organizer) gave us the best seats in the house, and being the first professional photographers that Pony Club have seen, we had a great turnout of interest. Here are some fun shots from the weekend.

Next up: Cobblestone Horse Trials July 12-13, 2008!!!!