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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Tree shopping

Another Fun Traditional family event. Every year we go Christmas Tree shopping as a family... It started with ALL the Koops side, and now was just us and Pratts. In the past, we would mark our favorite trees with a glove or scarf, but didn't always find those items back in the maze of identical Christmas Trees. After all our winter clothing went M.I.A. we started using sticks and landmarks :) Smart. Here are some fun shots of our family interaction. I'll narrate the photos as you see them :)
Whose doing the real work here? he he

Cameron learning the lumberjack tradeskill
A little Zeke Sized tree
Elyse's Detail shots from the day... Looks like we have photography competition in our family!

The Williams Christmas Tree, and my superman :)

My dad, the lumber jack

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