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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Parties Galore!

Here are some from my Mom's Birthday party the 22ND. Zeke played on his new rocking horse with Grandpa. He loves it! Tonight is the family Christmas party! We all can't wait!!!!

And What fun it was! Zeke got his first John Deer tractor and more balls then he can play with in this next year! Today was stockings and the Koops family party. We found out that our family trip will be to Shipshewana, IN for the Midianite museum, and a water park! Wahoooooo!!!

Below are a few pictures taken the night that our immediate family celebrated gift giving.

Since I don't like to write much, I like to let pictures tell my story. Here is my fun and wacky family from my Dad's side. We ALL got to swing at a pinata this year, thanks to Kelly and Janelle, who made a "big kids" pinata. Janelles was totally a riot! It was like a brick... our cousins David and Michael were marines and did the whole boot camp thing, and they were saying their shoulder hurt after a swing at the 20 lb reindeer pinata! :) It was great! During the traditional family photo where we were able to be "funny", Mark became Ozzy Osborne, and pulled it off well. Little Bethany became a raggety Anne, and everyone had some fun with it! My Grams and Gramps are still doing well, Bless the Lord, and It's fun to see all the generations that they have started here in Michigan. Unfortunatly, Joyce and Charlie were on their way from Colorado, and couldn't make it in time. So we didn't get to see Greg, our cousin from the west. Missing from the family photos are: Matt & Christina, Daisha, Corbin, Greg, Joyce & Charlie, Dawn, Aaron, Morgan, Becca and Uncle Jim. Thanks for putting on the party Aunt Deb!

Ahhhh!!!!! I had forgotten my cousin Janelle in the previous montage, so here's a new one! I can't believe I forgot her! The master mind of the Pinatas!!!! The life of the party! Sorry Janelle!!!!
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