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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Westra : Family

Lately David and I have been feeling very discouraged in our family photography style and posing, so we decided to ask families from our church to bare with us, and let us take their family photos. We are giving them each 1 hour, and ask for a very casual, normal outdoor setting, so we can experiment with how we want to develop OUR style. We want a posed candid, or a casual formal for our style, with photo journalistic qualities. First up is the Westra family with their 3 beautiful children. It was fun seeing a family interact with a child about the same age as our son Ezekiel. There was lots of running, catching, and re-posing! :) We asked for realistic settings, and that's what they were able to give us :) Here are some fun teasers while I finish with the rest of them. Thanks guys! You did great!

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