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Monday, November 14, 2011

Halloween Cuties

I love my little boys!

I really am not a fan of halloween and normally am not the kind of mom to plan it out, and have costumes and actually take them out... I'm more the kind that would like them to hand out the candy and learn about the sharing aspect of giving candy AWAY.... but, I was shopping that day and found these costumes on clearance and splurged...

Hey, I can use them next year as hand-me-downs if necessary, eh? :) Well, Zeke was THRILLED to be Woody, his favorite movie character... and Lex, well, he doesn't really know what he was... but had fun playing in the leaves from house to house in Zeeland. We went to about 12 houses and called it plenty :)
Just had to share my Halloween cuties!!!
I thought I better change the blogpost since it will be the last before we get to announce baby Cadence's arrival.

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