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Thursday, March 1, 2012


Our boys have been loving having daddy home on the weekends.... Wedding season doesn't start strong until June, so we have enjoyed a few lazy saturdays.... Recently, Zeke and Lex have become obsessed with the Chronicles of Narnia. They want swords, shields, a pet lion, and funny helmets. Well, David gave in and bought them nerf swords and this was adorable! He knighted them in the kitchen to recieve their sword. He explained what the sword was for, and how to use it.... toooooo cute!!!!! They don't know it yet, but David also got them each the 'Armor of God' set, and I'm sure when it comes, we will have more awesome memories to photograph :)

Swords make happy boys! I just love my little Lex's smile!!!! Hopefully no braces needed with a wide smile like that!

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