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Monday, June 11, 2012

Changes to Photography Pricing!

Alrighty!  You'll all be super excited to know that there will be NO increase of prices for our photography for a while... in the 2nd half of 2012 and for 2013, we have actually added a few more budget friendly packages and prices after hearing the love for our style.  You will be able to find our prices and packages in the blog 'pages' in the links above this post on the home page.  I will be slowly making the price changes to our website as well, but hope to have those all finalized by the end of June.

Popular Request #1 : 

Digitals!  We will still offer single purchased digitals at $30 each, but most of our packages will now have an option for the pre-purchased collection's digital files .  For weddings, that will be anywhere from $500-$800 to purchase your entire wedding collection ready to print on your own.  $800 will be for DVD's purchased AFTER the wedding.  The  $500 will be the new cost if it is a pre-purchased add on.  If your wedding package already includes the DVD as an option, you can pre-pay to add the wedding album or the DVD for the $500 pre-purchase rate.   Also, as a bonus, the optional engagement session digitals will be added to the wedding DVD when the DVD is chosen as an add on.  No refunds or discounts if the Engagement session was not claimed.

For smaller sessions, the DVD/USB for the gallery collection can be pre-purchased for a lower cost then the post purchasing.  It will now be $450 for the session and the digital collection, rather then before where it was $500 + the session fee of $75-$150

Popular Request #2 :

Our wedding style affordable in more budgets.  We will still uphold our reputation for creative, good quality images in a professional manner, but by going to a 1 photographer shooting style for 2013 in some packages, the price can be more affordable  and you can still be given the same hourly coverage, and products.  One photographer may lower the price, but not the quality of images.  Please inquire about the value and shooting differences between our 1 and 2 photographer packages.

Please e-mail if you have any questions, or desire to book a session!

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