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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chris & Amber : Wedding

Amber and Chris were so sweet!  The day was ABSOLUTELY beautiful, and I've never been at a more organized wedding.  Amber is an organized person, both for her work and for her personal life, and it certainly paid off!  I was fortunate to know Amber for a LONG time, since her mom and my mom are super good friends.  We always joked about girls vs. boys, because between my mom, her mom and their other great mutual friend, there are 11 girls, 0 boys.  You can just imagine how those play dates went! 
Throughout their wedding day, I felt so happy for Amber as I'd see her amazing Groom treat her like gold.  He is an amazing young man and we look forward to seeing them grow together for life with God's help.  Congrats guys!!!  Enjoy her slideshow for a limited time Here


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