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Thursday, April 10, 2014

David : 4 years old

This certainly is a child of excessive facial expressions!  He's quite hilarious.  This is 'baby David', as we've always referred to him when talking to our kids.  He just turned 4 in March... he's a couple hours older than our Lex.  His family and ours have really been enjoying each others company, and mostly, I really love learning from his mom's cooking tips!  She's really had a huge influence on 'domesticating' me.  Considering that I've been photographing their 4 kids for about 5+ years now, I can't get over how each of them are so alike, and SOOOOO incredibly different!  It helps me put my own family into perspective.  They've helped me realize that kids are a gift from God, and never will they be 'MINE'.  Also, they've taught me many GREAT tips on raising boys, and that sometimes kids are just kids and I can't control their every move or their 'every safety'.   Thanks guys, for your mass amounts of advice through example!  Enjoy a few teasers of David!

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