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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wacky Williams : Superheroes to the rescue

Last week was Halloween, and I was sooooo thankful my kids were happy to use last years costumes :)  Cade's was new, because she wanted to be 'superman girl'.   We don't really get into the Halloween spirit, but kinda last minute, choose to go to our churches Trunk or Treat and had a blast!  It's so much nicer each year they get older... I don't have to buckle kids in the car anymore, or even dress them most days... the semi-self-sufficient days are starting :)   Enjoy my superhero bunch.  They may be ordinary kids, but they are SUPER cool in my mind!  Although this is a photoshopped image, I took all components.  The lightning was shot summer of 2013 in our backyard :)

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