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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Adventures with the Wacky Williams : Fathers Day 2015

I just want to take this fathers day to say, WE LOVE YOU DADDY!!!!   Here's to showing some love.   This guy is TOTALLY amazing.  The best thing he does for his kids is use his life as a way to serve others.... His wife (gotta love that one.... wink wink...) his church, God and all the people he comes into contact with. 
 Dad's are called to be the servant example that Christ is to his church.   They are meant to be the example of what God the Father is to us.... Satan is in the business of messing that one up.  He wants people to struggle to know what a FATHER is. What God is.  Unconditionally loving, patient, just, and merciful.  

David has shown that every day.  The kids are crazy about him.  What they don't really know yet, is how much intention, thought, prayer and love go into his parenting.    Although a blog post can't express it.... WE LOVE YOU!

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