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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Wacky Williams : Wide mouth Fishing

During the summer, I usually am forced to take a break from making Wacky Williams photos, since I'm so busy with everything else!  Weddings, photoshoots, horses, gardens, and vacations, take up most of my summer minutes.  As winter comes and my photoshoots are slowing a bit, I have time to think, breathe, and become creative again.  

As I learn more about creating posters in Photoshop, I thought.... why am I not applying this to wacky Williams!!!???!!!  I'm not entirely sure where this idea inspired from, but I thought it was too fun.  Although I completed this image before I left for Iowa, I just finished an amazing class in Iowa with Ben Shirk.... A world award winning photographer from Iowa.  I learned to light photo collages, and composites better, and give them a more realistic feel.  
Make sure you share, post, re-post, and tell others about anything you've enjoyed about my Wacky Williams series.  I'm hoping to continue it into 2017 with new ideas, and new photoshop techniques!!!  Someday, maybe the Wacky Williams can go viral! LOL.... well, maybe we don't quite need that, but hey, share it if you enjoy it, and want to see more! ;) 

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