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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wacky Williams : Self Portrait in the Galaxy

A warm night in August had me excited to photograph the stars!  It was clear, comfortable and quiet in the country.  Instead of walking back into the fields, I noticed my shadow, and thought it would be a cool self-portrait opportunity.... so.... I had to stand very still for 30 seconds for the long exposure..... in my pjs, in my driveway, at midnight.  LOL.  Great memories. :)  And I love seeing how the milky way shows up on the long exposure!  Enjoy!

Here's my settings, in case you ever want to try this with a DSLR camera.  
-Get your widest lens, pre-focus it to 'infinity' and lock the focus.
-Set your ISO to around 1000.... (play with it a little if you don't like the results.)
-Set your shutter to 30 seconds.
-Set your F-stops to the lowest they go.  Mine went to 2.8. 
-Have the camera on a tripod and press the shutter and wait for 30 seconds.  Don't bump it, or cross the lens during the 30 seconds.  
If your image is too bright, put your ISO down lower.  If your image is too dark, move your ISO up higher.  

Shutter 30 sec. f2.8/ISO1000/16mm fisheye

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