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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Wacky WILLIAMS : Alexander Hamilton Poster - Williams style

I haven't seen the play yet, but I LOVED the poster, and after looking at it for about a year, I realized-WE HAVE 5 PEOPLE and could make our own!  HA!  Funny how some of the most obvious things don't hit realism in my mind.... Well, going with the spirit of movie posters and such, I think this 2018 Wacky Williams images are going to be hitting a few of them :)  Let me know if you think there's a good one for me to remake with our family!  
 This was actually embarrassingly easy, but it took some thought... Enjoy!

 Here's the making of the "Hamilton" poster 

1.  Shoot RAW files of each family member on a white background, lighting ONLY the background.  Then, in Camera Raw, adjust images for the most contrast.

2. I created a background using many different textures, setting them to various blending modes, (soft light, and overlay mostly) and adding a hue/saturation layer to get a warm color.  Most textures came from the Jessica Drossin collection, or images I took of cement and other textures. 

3. I used the shape creator to get a proper star, just as a guide, then on a new layer filled the center pentagon with black and deleted the star layer

4.  I started adding the silhouette images of our family and sizing them to their side of the pentagon.

5.  All family members added... Daddy on top, mommy right, Zeke left, Cade bottom right, Lex bottom left.

6.  Using Trajan Pro font, I made our name, and choose a letter to omit for the image to be placed. 

7. Final image with all layers :) 

Thanks for checking in!