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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Wacky Williams : Nikon Series - Image 4

I wanted to have some fun with another series, and started to think through all the things I'm passionate about.... well, photography was one of 3 at the top of my list, so I started brainstorming how I could make a series about photography..... tough one!  

Well, after not really coming up with anything, I started to break my photography passion down, to subjects, technique and gear....  I always photograph subjects, because that's photography mainly.... and technique would be used through out the process and hard to display, but I landed on gear, and started getting crazy images pop into my mind about using my kiddos, shrunk down and having fun among my gear. 

 I've been a Nikon user since 2006, and have acquired a grand amount of amazing gear.... so as images popped into my head, I quickly drew them out and found ways of using the Nikon gear as part of the main subject of the image.... after coming up with 7-10 ideas, we set up a shoot in my studio to start.... I used the basic 3 light set up, so I had options in case I didn't know exactly how I planned to make each image.  (which is usually the case)  

My kids rocked it, and for a piece of candy each, we had 9 images shot and done.  
Then comes the photoshop.  I wish I could say every composite works as I see it in my mind, but that's kinda what's cool about composites.... they don't!  But, most cases, I find BETTER ways, and it looks way cooler than my mind saw it!!!!  Now, I've had several complete fails... some where I can't salvage any part, and I lose motivation on the idea, and scrap it altogether. 

Over the next 8 weeks or so, I'm going to post one from the series each week, so keep watching until they all have been unveiled!  

Maybe I can talk Nikon into starting a movement of Photography of their gear as advertising and win out big.... LOL!  But seriously, how cool would that be? :) 


Image 4 - Rugged Gear 
(for Rugrats in the Rugged outdoors)

Images 3 - Oh Snap!

Image 2 - Lens Wishing Well

 Image 1 - Lens Forest

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