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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Little Lex : 18 months

Our baby Lex is almost 18 months old already, so we thought : let's try to squeeze in a quick photoshoot.... It went AWFUL!!! Our own child is making us consider hiring a photographer to do his session. We couldn't get his attention, and ended up going home with a crying baby after about a 15 minute session. Oh well, maybe we'll try again soon. We have a few more days before he's officially 18 months :) What's Lex doing at this age? He runs, jumps on a tramp, climbs stairs.... on his feet, not crawling...., he plays with Zeke, and wrestles with daddy. He says 'Uh oh.... " and that's it. He is a good little guy, with smiles often (just not if the camera is pointed at him). He folds his hands willingly for prayer, and plays mr. shy sometimes, for no reason. Strangers are his best friends though..... he'll walk right up to unfamiliar folks and try to join in their family and conversation. He has gained a personality in about the last 3 months.... and laughs all the time. He has 16 teeth, and is a healthy, normal growing toddler. He and his brother are the pride and joy of our lives. He will be very confused when baby Cadence arrives in 12 weeks, since he's still our little baby and milks that for all that it's worth. ;) Enjoy the teasers of our little mr. independent.

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