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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ryan & Holly : Engagement

Holly & Ryan got the craziest Michigan weather posible for their engagement session. After months of planning it, we decided to schedule a date, and stick to it unless weather was awful.... The day forecasted thunderstorms all day, but we never got any.... Until their session. As we are setting up for the first shot at Park Township Airport, it pours. We get in the airplane hanger, and it instantly stops.... 3 times, we had to run for cover from downpours, and lightning strikes very nearby. It actually was a ton of fun, even though all our lives were probably on the line! :) LOL! We LOVE shooting in the rain, but tend to find that our clients don't always feel the same way. Holly and Ryan were great though... they thought it could be cool too, so we kept going. Go figure, at a session like this, I ended up with more images then I normally would keep for an engagement session... so I guess it's worth it in the end! :) Enjoy some teasers from this awesome couple to be married next June!

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