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Friday, January 20, 2012

A Dog is a Boy's Best Friend

My little Lex LOVES dogs. I'm not sure how or when it clicked with him, but he finds a dog who will tolerate him, and he just hangs out with it. Tootsie is more tolerating then our Sheltie, Bella, so she had the priviledge of a companion on the last snowy day. Most often, our dogs are farm dogs and don't get the luxury of enjoying the heated house, but I felt bad for them as I saw them staring at us through the window as the snow was blowing outside. Excuse how shaggy they look, but I'd rather bathe children then dogs in this weather, so they have to wait until spring. :)

I've found out since the day we took Zeke home from the hospital, that Tootsie is a great babysitter.... best dog in the WORLD!!

And what proud brother doesn't show off his baby sister to a.... dog?

I'm hoping I'll have a future horseback riding companion! :) Or, we'll have to invest in a small saddle that can fit a dog...

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