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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stuck home

Since it's just that time of year again, I'm stuck inside while waiting for the colds to go away! Nana took Zeke, my oldest, overnight so Lex and Cadence played nicely inside. Lex even prompted me for a photoshoot! I couldn't resist, since he is such a challenge to photograph. He's such a ham! Here are a couple from my day inside with only 2 kiddos. Here, Cadence seemed to discover that she has a tongue.... Kept it sticking out for what seemed like forever! What a silly girl :)

I cannot believe how awesome my boys are with their new sister. For being little terrors, and always running, screaming, and pushing each other, as soon as Cadence is nearby, they both become sensitive sweethearts, and big helps for their sister. I'm always wiping snotty nose kisses off Cadence, and if I need a diaper, burp rag, or pacifier, either of the boys are very happy to stop watching a movie, or playing with a toy to serve their sister!!! What gentlemen!!! Now if I can only make that a 'full-time' gentleman, we will be all set :)

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