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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Walcott : Family Love

Well, this is one of the sweetest families I've met :)  I've known them since I was probably in 3rd grade, but never 'KNEW' them....  We've even spent several New Years Eve celebrations together and I still didn't 'KNOW' them.  But spending a couple of hours on their farm in Hesperia/Walkerville area, I finally saw how they interacted and loved each other, and I was impressed!  I'm sure they could have been putting on a respectful front, but their manners and respect came so second nature, that I'm convinced they've just been raised well ;)  The kids were fun even in their jokes and pranks.  The whole family enjoyed each other, and the brothers care deeply for their sister.  Their family farms A LOT of land up there, and the boys are driving combines, and HUGE tractors like it's a bicycle.  It's such a beautiful and peaceful place... at first I was a little distraught over having to drive so far alone for a photo shoot, but in the end, I really enjoyed myself and the drive there seeing the beautiful colors in all the trees.  I had time to bite off the rest of my nails while talking to God after the radio wouldn't get JQ99 anymore. :)  Anyway, enough about that, cause I know you just skip my novels and look at the pictures anyway!  Caught ya!  LOL!  Enjoy!  

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