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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WW : Smokin' hot

For all those of you who don't know me personally, I am a Farrier.  A Farrier is similar to a blacksmith but only works with horses rather than all things forged metal.  I went to school at Pacific Coast Horse Shoeing School 11 years ago this month to learn the trade of horseshoeing.  I really wanted to get a cool photo of me doing my trade since my days may be numbered as I venture into other employments (photography/farming).  What a unique mix we are, eh?  Not often you hear of a photographer that farms and gets dirty nailing shoes on horses feet, huh?  Well, I love my work, and really like all the variety life brings with it.  This image is of me burning in a hot shoe on my horse Dakota this winter.  Some of the smoke is from the shoe, and the rest is probably our breath at 18 degrees outside.  Thus the adorable coveralls! :) LOL!  Thanks to my dad, and hubby for help with the shoot, and to my mom for watching my children :)  

This is an HDR image (High Dynamic Range) which allows the details in the shadows to become pronounced, and the highlights to keep information.  I used 2 speedlights and a Paul C. Buff light.  Thanks for looking!  

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