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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wacky Williams Wednesday : Easter 2015

Although, it's April Fools, I thought we'd remember the one, long ago, that the human race tried to make of fool of.  

Jesus Christ

As I mature more in my faith each year, Easter means more and more to me.  Just to imagine, a God that would come down to earth, still holding the power to do ANYTHING.... I mean, he could have won the lottery, beat down rich kings and taken their palace and crown, had any vacation location or fancy car or beautiful woman.... and he chose to come down from the perfection and bliss of Heaven and allow us to beat him, kill him, and make a fool of him.  Seriously, we think we are strong when we fight back, but how much more control and strength was required of Jesus to have the strength, and choose not to use it?   And he did it for one reason. 

 To. Save. YOU.  

 Had only one person loved him back, he would have said that they were worth it.  
Christianity is the faith of the Christ.  Not a religion of rules, and judgement. 
Christ is only Divine, from any existing religion, that willingly chose to became human to suffer humiliation, pain and death.  And why?  To be the key we NEED to put into the locked gates of heaven.  For this Wacky Williams Wednesday post, we'd like to honor and remember the sacrifice that was made for Me, and David, and Zeke, and Lex, and Cade..... and YOU.  <3 p="">

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