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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Adventures with the Wacky Williams : Fishing

Every little boy (and William's daughter) dreams up a chance to go fishing.  My kiddos all LOVE it!  The catch and release pond at a nearby outdoor nature center is quite the reward!  Well, as a parent, I realize the fun and excited, but also see the anxiety and dangers involved... it's always a fear that one will fall out, or get a hook in the eye or something nasty.... Well, building on that fear, came this idea.  Some friends of ours have a pond and small fishing boat and when I told them about this idea, they volunteered their time, property, and boat for us to do this shoot.  (THANK YOU!)  It didn't take too long, even with uncooperative children, to get this shot.  Fun fun fun!  Enjoy some of our summer adventures!

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