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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Chris & Kaitlyn : {07.10.2015}

So, this is probably the longest blog post I've done, but hey, this wedding was totally worth it!   

This wedding was kinda like a church reunion.... Chris and Kaitlyn are part of the worship team at our church, and THEY were the entertainment and worship for the ceremony and reception.... so of course, the rest of the worship team was there to be part of it!   Not only that, but the group was too much fun, that Dave and I had a blast just hanging out with them for all the little sessions through out the day.  
It was a beautiful day for their wedding, and Chris & Kait made one GOOD LOOKING couple!  They both inspire and encourage Dave and I to be God honoring in everything we do.  We kinda look up to them as role models... and look up to Chris literally because he's a good foot taller than either of us.  LOL!  They are so young, yet mature, noble, pure, kind, devoted and wise.  I'm proud to know them and so privileged to have been chosen to capture the memories of their BIG day!  Congrats guys!  YOU ROCK!!!!  Enjoy the massive list of teasers!

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