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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wacky Williams : Expressions 2015

Remember Personality shots!?  Well, the last ones I did were over a year ago, and after looking through a few of our 2014 Wacky Williams images, I decided that there are a few that should be done annually, to track the growth of our littles.

This was certainly one that I'll love comparing back to their previous years.  So, here you have it;  Cadence is 3 1/2, Lex is 5, and Zeke is 7 1/2.  Enjoy my littles, and their many facial expressions!

I just can't stop looking at all their fun personalities.  Children are a joy and a blessing, and though the times get rough sometimes, I love looking at each shot of who these little ones really are, and see the potential each of them have to be the leaders of the next generation.  Keep them young, keep them innocent, keep them pure, and keep them running the race and fighting the good fight.

It brings a happy tear to my eye when I think about Jesus calling the little children to come to him, and how someday, I can picture these littles, sitting on Jesus' lap singing their songs, and laughing with Jesus.

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