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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Wacky Williams : Biked It

Zeke biked Mackinaw Island.... twice!  This kid is endless muscle and energy.  He never said he was tired, or asked to rest, and of course he thought it was a race so he had to be in the front.   We decided a wacky Williams photo was a necessity (along with his new shirt that says "Biked It") So, here it is.  Zeke with his endless energy, pulling our family around the Island :)   The yellow B&B was the one that was home to all 29 of us from my mom's side that went.

Feel free to look below at our trip to the Island.  It was the kids and David's first time there, but we took this trip 11 years ago with 22 people from my Mom's side.... before the grandkids started marrying and having littles.   With every trip, there are always ups and downs, especially traveling with children, but this was a fantastic experience and we were treated like royalty by my grandparents. 

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