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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Wacky Williams : Somewhere, Over the Rainbow

I saw something like this on Pinterest, and thought it was ADORABLE!  I just had to have my super stylish 4 year old give it a try.    It was actually so much fun, I could probably do a whole series on kids painting the skies!  Feel free to contact me if you ever have questions, comments or want to know how I make any of these images.... It really is my passion to make creative/unusual images.  I am happy to blog about the 'How to' of any of our Wacky Williams shots :) 

Foggy days on the farm are surreal.  We feel like our little property is just floating through space, with no one else existing.  It's crazy peaceful.  We can see only about 5 houses from our house, and there's a lot of space in-between us and neighbors... (like hundreds of acres) so we can faintly hear moo-ing cows, one neighbor's loud rooster, and trucks coming down the road, but otherwise, we disappear.  This was a misty foggy day, and I had the idea to make it a sun-shiny day with the help of my little artist, Cadence.  Enjoy!!!

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