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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wacky Williams : Bedtime Sucks sometimes

"Bedtime routines" and "Cooperation" are two words that hate each other.  Our kiddos, (Mostly Zeke) could have a great day and all is fun, and then..... we mention 'bedtime.'  This kid FALLS APART!  He gets a stubborn bad attitude, and makes each step of the process just torture for us and the other two kiddos. Lex will even start to encourage him, reminding him of the previous evening and how it ended, and try to help him cooperate a little.   Sometimes it's just being too obnoxiously goofy and inappropriate, and other times it's potty talk, and hateful words.... sometimes it's screaming just to make a statement.   So, to document our struggles, and 'cherish' his youth forever, I thought a photo to make us remember that the good the bad and the ugly don't change how much we love this big guy and know that one day we will look back and realize that it really wasn't so bad :)

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