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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wacky Wiliams : Losing Teeth

It's ready to come out!  My kids are loosing teeth like crazy..... sometimes a few a day!  Lex has his first top tooth ready to come out and he asked for a Wacky Williams photo to document it.  We thought of this and then I suggested he actually let go and he chickened out.... oh well.... It will come when it's ready.  It was a fun idea though :)  Losing teeth are losing excitement, since our toothfairy messed up big time and forgot to come one night.... I think she might pre-pay for this tooth and leave a note about coming to get it when it comes out. LOL!   Toothfairy Fail!

Well, that and the kids found a bag of little teeth I had saved in a high dresser drawer.... Yeah, I'm that mom.   Oops... they know there's no magic in it anymore, but still get excited for a $1.00 bill.

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