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Friday, October 3, 2008

Ezekiel 9 months!!!

Here's our Handsome young man during his Tubby time. Ezekiel is almost 9 months old now! Time flies! He is crawling, laughing, trying to say Ma mamama...... you know. Typical baby stuff. He's still high energy, but in a happy way now. David and I will be getting some family photos of our small family this month. It's a busy October for us. Signing on many weddings, doing some family fall shoots, and a few others. Still having a great time with the photography and wishing for more opportunities! If you have any ideas for advertising and creativity, give us some insight on what you'd like to see more often. .....
Another sick day for little Zeke. Just having a hard time getting past all the illnesses he's aquired at daycare. No fun :( He still loves going outside though!

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