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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nature Outing!

David and I woke up Saturday and decided to pack up to get some shots of the beautiful sunrise. David bought me a new camera, and I just had to test it out ;) God blessed us with the opportunity to get the new Nikon D3... the same one that David has, but it is so superior to our other cameras, that when we do weddings, I can't compete with my little cameras against his :( We took Zeke and drove to the ridgepoint trails. Tootsie came along of course :) The sun made it's appearance around 8:00am, and these are some of our favorites. David handled most of the shots, while I kept Zeke and Tootsie entertained and thawed. Here is a way for us to really appreciate photography in a way that I feel God has intended for us. To see the Sunrise slowly change the color on the wispy clouds, and see the deer beds in the grass, was truely inspiring. I am guessing that we will be doing a little more of this style in our free time :)

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