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Friday, August 21, 2015

Jason & Jen, and Family!

What fun it is to watch families grow!  This one didn't even tell me they had a NEW BABY!  Kinda big news :)  LOL!  I was able to see them say their wedding vows, then photograph their little Broden and Lexie, and now little Charlie (Charlotte).   And in only a few years, they said goodbye to their past dog Hershey, and found a wonderful new puppy, Bailey!   What a fun family.  We chose a WINDY day at the beach.... Tsunami wind like... It felt like we were at the Ocean, with all the huge waves and rip tides!  But, all in all, we were safe, had fun, got wet, and returned un-scarred ;)  It's another great day in the neighborhood.... LOL!   Enjoy a few teasers :) 

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