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Monday, August 17, 2015

Raterink : Family Love

Now, here's a picture perfect family if I ever saw one :)  I was in photographer's HEAVEN when I saw this wardrobe coordination!!!!  BOW TIES!!?  A dream come true!  Yellow and blue!?  It's as if they saw me at Menard's picking out paint for the new house, and chose all the same colors... LITERALLY!  I mean, their wardrobe was seriously my dream photo shoot... well, onto the more important stuff... their family!  This was a session to celebrate a 50th Wedding anniversary, and what a cooler way to celebrate!  These kids are going to have the best memories with their family, and I was allowed to capture it for you!  They were awesome, and I mean awesome.  They kids were enthusiastic, and fun, and did a great job to really rock the session...  You will enjoy these teasers.... just saying.... :)

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