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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Jordan & Kayla : Engaged!

I need to come to grip with the reality that I'm getting older!!!!  This is 'my little Kayla'.  This young woman was one of my many horse back riding students back in my energetic days, when I worked a 40 hour/week factory job, then gave 30 lessons a week, while shoeing somewhere around 100 horses.... all before a hubby and kiddos...  Kayla was my die-hard, horse loving, adventurous rider, that was fearless, and courageous.  And NOW!?!?!? She's getting married!  In my head, she's still like 8 years old, but somehow, time let her escape and she grew up into a beautiful young independent woman!  I was able to meet her fiance, Jordan during their engagement session, but sadly, after they had to change their wedding date, I will be unable to watch this girl walk down the aisle to meet her groom. :(  BUT, I'm super honored to get to be here for her engagement session.  Congratulations Kayla and Jordan!!!!  Enjoy a few teasers!

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