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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wacky Williams : Mistletoe

Christmas has come and gone, but we aren't giving it up just yet!  I want to just say how much I love my husband, my kids and literally EVERYTHING I have.  Oftentimes, right after Christmas, it's like the balloon of anticipation is popped and life resumes.... I want to live in anticipation!!!  The excitement, romance, love, cheer... the generous hearts, the kind words, the hot cocoa!  Really, I've been blessed with the holidays being a GREAT time, and great memories.  Our kids were fantastic this Christmas, truly being grateful for each of their gifts (even the clothes ones).  I know our lives are super crazy right now, as we rush to finish our first house flip to sell, and our kids have gotten a bit more of the, 'go-find-something-to-do-while-we-work', but I really love them all.  Our pets, our farm, our kids, my awesome hubby, and a God that blesses me with the optimistic attitude to keep this a positive 'season' of our lives.  Enjoy some of our love today!

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