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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Aiden : 2 years old!

Aiden just turned 2 and graduated from his Forget-me-Not Package!   Here's a recap from his previous sessions...  What a beautiful little boy!  Crazy how time goes by sooooo much faster when you have kids and watch them grow!  I find it funny that my days go by too slow, but yet, I can't seem to find out where the time went when another year goes by and my babies get older!   So, I conclude.... Children make my ....... Days = to slow, Years = to fast.  Anyway, Aiden has been a joy to have in the studio.  He's respectful, obedient, friendly, fun, and basically, everything that most 2 year olds are NOT.... Ha!  Thanks Aiden!

  Aaaaaaannnddd, now he's 2!  Happy Birthday (a month later).... Enjoy!

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