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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Reuben : 2016

Ok, I have to admit.... most of the seniors I've photographed are WAY more mature than I was in high school.... Reuben qualifies as WAY more mature than I was.  This kid has me going like 'WOW.'   He's great at all he does, and does all with an excellent attitude.  He's a great athlete, student, leader, worker, and I'd guess his folks would say he's a great son ;)  I grew up in the same church as Reuben and his family, and remember Co-teaching Reuben's preschool Sunday school class um-teen years ago!  LOL!  

Now, he's quite the gentleman.  Responsible in so many more things than I'd imagine a High schooler could take on.  Congrats this spring on your Graduation!  Enjoy the teasers :)  We had to have some fun with his 'America' outfit.... the story behind it was quite hillarious! 

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