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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Jackson : Miracle

This big guy really is a miracle!  He is the son of one of the worship leaders at our mega church, and was scheduled to lead worship for the 3 services that weekend when he got the call that Jackson was coming early.  Luckily, our church recovers well from last minute changes ;)  He was born 4 weeks early (at 9lbs....yes...9 pounds) but with complications that kept him in Grand Rapids in the NICU.  He was able to come to his photoshoot at about 4+weeks old, after being released and getting rid of his feeding tube.  I told his family that babies this old tend to be awake and are too filled out for infant photos like I normally do.  They wanted it anyway, and I gave them suggestions to keep him awake for as long as they could before his session, do the bath thing (always puts the babies in a sleepy deep sleep) and they reported that they kept him up for 4 hours before!  That's some dedicated photo clients!  AND...... IT WORKED!  This big guy slept as good or better than most babies that come to me at 4 days old!  Crazy.  He was OUT. Thanks guys!  It was a blast to get to know you guys and your family better at Jackson's session :)

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