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Friday, March 4, 2016

Matt & Heather : 2.27.2016

Matt & Heather are MARRIED!!!!  What an exciting day it was!  It turned out to be beautiful weather, (for February in Michigan) and loads of supportive friends and family were by their sides through out the day.

 The New Salem Corn Maze bus drove them around to downtown Holland, where we had a cold, but quick start to photos, and then back to Bentheim for their ceremony.  It was a special service, lead by Dan Seaborn.  I love how he can so creatively personalize his talk to each Bride and Groom.  This was a one of a kind service, filled with tears and laughter.

After the service we had a great time at the reception at the Trestle Stop in Hamilton.... I got to experience my first PIE smashing for the groom.... yes, not Cake... well, he got that too... but then he got a pie.... twice!  He was such a great sport about it! (and Heather was too!!!! She got pie all in her hair!)   I was lucky to find a photography friend from church at the wedding, and she helped me photograph the bouquet and garter tosses, since they always go so fast!  LOL!  (thanks Katie!)  

All in all, it was a beautiful day, filled with respect and honor for our Lord, and that makes a wedding day what it's meant to be.  Congrats Matt and Heather!  May God bless your marriage, and grow your love for each other every day!