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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wacky Williams : Mix n' Match!

Mix n' Match!
When I get an idea in my head, it rarely turns out how I envisioned it.... This image included.... but hey, we had some real fun with it.  I'm almost ready to make an announcement about WACKY WILLIAMS Christmas card selections to offer to all of YOU!  I'll have a few options for clients to pick from to make up their own fun Wacky Williams inspired Christmas cards... of all times of the year, we should enjoy our family and love life, but at Christmas, it's the best time to send out cards to everyone showing others the spirit of their family's heart.  I love to think of David and I as still 24 years young and energetic... Now, we still are in many ways, but hey, life, (and kids) can wear you out!  Through my creative outlet of photography, I enjoy being young again, and love to show it in our family photos.  Our photo album is like no other!!!  And it's AWESOME.  Watch for the announcement of Wacky Williams Selections and details for a Christmas card opportunity that will 'wow' all your family and friends!  Enjoy some mixing and matching!  When you get to share a wardrobe with 5 people, there's always style to mix and match :)  

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