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Monday, May 14, 2018

Dutch Life 2018 Overview

I had a blast photographing my kids for another Tulip Time Festival.   My kids had fun helping me with ideas and being great little actors.   As they grow, I have to keep looking for costumes!  I'm one of 4 girls, so my mom has every size I'll ever need for my Cadence, but the boys are tougher!  I had their boy costume as a dutch dancer, so it was fun to have them wear 'mommy's' province, but they keep growing! 

Enjoy my images from Tulip Time 2018.  
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Rainy Day activities.... I'm so proud of my kids for really being able to entertain themselves.... I rarely hear, 'I'm bored' around our place.... They are getting into some electronics, which I'm struggling to accept, but am glad they prefer outdoor activities over them yet. :) 

Our kiddos are very good about helping us with chicken chores.... they collect the eggs, and feed the scratch, so it made perfect sense to make an image about their helpful hands on our little farm.  I used Dutch Village's barn, because it's much prettier than ours :) 

My kids loved this little lamb.  We named him Felix, because we weren't aware he already had a name (Deacon) and were able to grab some photos of him while we babysat (lambsat) for him last spring. 

The Carousel at Dutch Village was a hit, because the swings were shut down due to high winds.... 

This was a fun idea.... let's have the best student, play the 'naughty' student, and the two naughty's play the 'good' student role.... :) 

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