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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wacky Williams : Jurassic World part 1

 It's fun when even David and I want to be part of the images.... it sort of transports us into the world of fantasy, as much as it does for the kids.   With the release of the 'Fallen Kingdom' from the Jurassic movies, we thought about having some fun with it :)  I am loving the cinematic lighting, and coloring of these fantasy/action movies, and it really enhances my still images.  I'm loving anamorphic flares, and the cool blue coloring, as well as images like this one, with back light, and high contrast...  Enjoy!

Here's the Creation process!
1. Shoot our 'Chris Pratt' in the studio

2. Found a background online that looks the part.

3. Add dust, and foreground foliage ferns

4. Found these raptor png images online

5. Added the subject into the image

 6. After several coloring layers, dodging and burning, and some smoke/dust, it felt like a 'real' composite,  Believably unbelievable. :)